Pro-fi System is a business unit of PROFIT Consultancy & Equipment. The business unit focuses in designing and commercializing of systems addressing the improvement and

optimization  of the electrical power quality resulting to the protection of electric / electronic installations.

Pro-Fi system offers reliable and economical solutions that protect your equipment, achieving at the same time reduced consumption and power bills.

A series of products as:

  • Surge Suppression units (Lightning surge protection)

  • Passive Harmonic filters

  • Automatic Voltage Regulators (electromechanical)

  • Fully protected Digital Automatic Voltage Regulators (double conversion)

  • Uninterrupted Power Supply units (UPS) of fixed and modular type

  • Current rectification Units

  • Power factor correction systems (elimination of the reactive power)

  • Isolation transformers

  • Custom made units

Offer ideal solutions in problems deriving from :

  • The power distribution network, such as voltage drops, voltage picks, phase loss, loss of neutral, harmonics, lightning surges etc.

  • The installation network (overvoltage, undervoltage, harmonics, unequal load distribution, bad grounding etc.

  • Exogenous factors (environmental conditions, lightning surges etc)

  • Alterations occurring due to Power generators, inverters and UPS malfunctions within the plant.

Cooperating with Pro-Fi System will guaranty protection of your equipment, money and time savings and above all inner piece.