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Instantaneous fluctuation and harmonics filter.

Instantaneous fluctuation and harmonics filter, Pro-Fi Filter 

Three-phase dual power, passive, harmonics filter.

Pro-Fi Filter extends the operational life of your equipment for many years by:

  • smoothening out the odd number harmonics, and

  • filtering the instantaneous overvoltages and undervoltages of the mains,

thus avoiding damage or stoppage / malfunction of your electrical and electronic devices, machines or other sensitive equipment.


The reduction of voltage harmonics leads to a maximization of the efficiency of the electrical installation, motors and power transformers, as well as to a significant reduction of the following losses:

  • Thermal distribution cable losses

    Cu / copper and iron / Fe losses of electric motors

    Loss of skin effects

    Neighborhood phenomenon losses

    Loss of eddy currents

Pro-Fi Filter will make indirect voltage stabilization by instantly reducing instantaneous undervoltage and overvoltage fluctuations by 8 times while reducing by at least 50% of the harmonics of the network.

They can be installed in all 3PH installations. Their power ranges from 3 X 20 A to 3 X 1000 A. 

Upon request they can be delivered in a metallic box with 3 led indicators, one for each phase. 


We proudly manufacture the Pro-Fi Filter in Greece