Three-phase voltage stabilizers (electromechanical) AVR

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Three-phase voltage stabilizers (electromechanical) AVR *

Electromechanical voltage stabilizers with servomotor and microprocessor control are ideal for loads of all types.

 They stabilize the incoming voltage and allow independent adjustment per phase at their output and improve the power factor of the consumption. (cos φ)

They are stabilizers AC / AC three-phase from 5 KVA to 2000 KVA.


 • Wide range of power and stabilization.

• Fast stabilization.

• High performance & reliability.

• BYPASS mode.

• Security and economy.

• Protection against overload and short circuit.

• Digital display.

• 2 year warranty.

• Spare parts for at least 10 years.

 Available degrees of protection: IP20 (standard), IP21, IP31, IP44, IP55

Electromechanical stabilizers stabilize the incoming current, but do not protect themselves from other phenomena such as:

 • Network harmonics

• Loss of neutral

• Instantaneous voltage fluctuations

 Electro-mechanical voltage stabilizers AVR are expandable with external protection units from harmonic, instantaneous voltage fluctuations and neutral loss.