Τριφασικά παθητικά φίλτρα αρμονικών με ενσωματωμένη αντικεραυνική προστασία Pro-fi Filter Plus

Pro-Fi Filter Plus

3 Phase Harmonics filter incorporating Lightning (Surge) protection 60 kA T2 / T3

Our traditional Harmonics filter Pro-Fi Filter has gone one protection step further with the incorporation of Surge protection and is called Pro-Fi Filter Plus.

The idea behind Pro-Fi Filter Plus

Our filters are installed at the entrance of the grid of an installation and before the main switchboard of it. In the event of an incoming Power surge from the grid, this surge will harm the filter and will arrive at the switchboard which could, or could not be equipped with Power Surge suppressors. Even if you have power surge protection in the mainboard, this will not protect the filter.

By having power surge protection in the harmonics filter, you have the following advantages:

  • T2 / T3 Power Surge protection up to 60kA will protect the filter, but more than that will add to the existing protection in the switchboard, which anyway does not exceed 12 – 15 kA T2 in the best case. In other words, you upgrade the Power surge protection of your installation to a much higher level.
  • You have an excellent waveform of electrical current because of the harmonics filter
  • You take advantage of the synergies of the instant overvoltages and voltage drops as a result of the combination of the harmonics filter and the T2 protection of the Power surge suppression modules.

Even without an Automatic Voltage Regulator, the Pro-Fi Filter Plus will protect your electrical installation and your house or office appliances.