Three-phase Digital Voltage Stabilizers (AVRs)

Central anti-hypertensive network protection. Pro.Fi SSU430.

Protects the electrical installation (cables, board, etc.) but also the installation devices.

It consists of 4 STRIKESORB-30.SSU (Surge Suppression Modules) one in each phase and one in the neutral 60 KA, mounted on a metal cabinet IP42

STRIKESORB-30.SSU is the only MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) overvoltage protection device and has been successfully tested in lightning wave 10/350 as specified in IEC 61643-1.

The Suppressed Voltage Rating (SVR) of the elements, according to UL 1449 2nd edition, is less than 800V, and the response time of each SPD element is less than 1ns.

This specific anti-hypertensive network protection does not require special earthling or fuse, is multi-use and is covered with a 5 year warranty.

It is delivered in a metal cabinet IP42 measuring 400X400X28 mm, weighting aprox. 10 kilos.