Κεντρική αντικεραυνική προστασία δικτύου Pro.Fi.SSU440

Central lightning protection Pro.Fi.SSU440

It consists of 4 STRIKESORB-40.SSU (Surge Suppression Modules) one for each phase and one for the neutral 140,000 A, mounted on a metal IP65 cabinet.
The difference of this unit against the SSU 430 lays on the Amperage of grounding capability (140 KA versus 60 KA).
The four STRIKESORB-40  units in the system are metal oxide varistor-based surge arrestors. They have been successfully tested in 10/350 lightning waveform as specified in IEC 61643-1.
This particular lightning protection system does not require special grounding or fuse, is multiple-use and covered with a 5 year warranty.
It is delivered in a metal cabinet measuring 400X400X28 mm, weighting approx.. 10 kilos.