Three-phase Digital Voltage Stabilizers (AVRs)

Three-phase Digital Voltage Stabilizers (AVRs)

Integrated electronic systems for voltage stabilization and protection of electrical consumption, modern technology, based on the UPS ON LINE technology (dual AC / DC / AC conversion), and total control of the unit by microprocessors and unique features.

These are fully automatic AC stabilizers from 20 to 300 KVA.


• Wide range of power and stabilization.

• Three-phase output, +/- 0.5-1%, with inverter.

• Cosine correction. (syn φ 0.99).

• Correction of any voltage deviation in the output, at 100%, to 20 ms.

• Normal operation of the stabilizer with any asymmetric loads in the consumption phases.

• Zero power supply or PPC power supply.

• Cut harmonic inputs at 97%.

• Automatic switchover to the grid if the stabilizer is overloaded at 5 ms

• Automatic stabilizer shutdown in case of neutral loss.

• Electronic and manual bypass system (static and manual BY PASS).

• Liquid Crystal Display in which the operating states are displayed,

error indications and all electrical sizes.

• It has 2 serial RS 232 ports for local monitoring, history retrieval and parallel connection.

• Optionally accepts: built-in communication cards, SNMP protocol, RS485, MODBUS, remote display, touch screen graphic display.

• Ability to convert the stabilizer to ON LINE UPS at any time.

Electronic stabilizers regulate the incoming voltage and offer full protection against:

• Network harmonics

• Loss of neutral

• Momentary voltage fluctuations