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Protection of electric and electronic equipment

It is well known that the main precondition for the carefree operation of computer and electronics equipped machines is the proper voltage feed.

Unfortunately, we regularly face the problem of the unregulated voltage and frequency of the mains power circuit at our site, problems that arise from several causes.

Our long experience over time has shown that more than 70% of the electronics faults are due to this problem. So, we have researched in order to come up with an economical, as well as effective, solution. 

 How does  Pro-Fi filter protect you?

 1– It downscales the instantaneous Over Voltage and Under Voltage variations by 8 times and suppresses the concequent voltage spikes.

2 – It filters parasites and harmonics, which are caused by nearby machines and/or exist in the main power distribution circuit.

3 – It improves the power factor of the installation.

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